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Librarians think I'm a computer geek.

Techies think I'm a bookworm.

And my last roommate called me a librarian with a tattoo, and I wasn't even a librarian then.

I'm a book lover who decided to move to NYC to get into publishing. Publishing being notoriously difficult to break into (not to mention paying slave wages at entry level), I was diverted into the glorious days of the dot- com boom, spending 3 years doing tech support and then quality assurance for 2 different dot- coms — both of which still exist!

Then I got tired of the insane hours and the stress and decided to return to my book roots and become a librarian. Being a tech support rep for a dot- com turned out to be surprisingly good preparation for working in a public library — since there are still a lot of newbies out there, and they all come to the library for help, apparently. The hardware troubleshooting skills come in handy too.

I'm still a big internet junkie — just check out the "newest bookmarks" link up top to see all my bookmarks, neatly tagged and categorized — and the newest additions, below that heading. It's truly astonishing. Not to brag — I actually think it reveals a little too much of an OCD side; I was evidently born to be a librarian. I have actually managed to prune them down quite a bit, due to an online bookmarking service that has an effective broken- link- checker (bless you, Netvouz).

So now I'm a librarian at the New York Public Library, working in the Bronx (but a lovely neighborhood, really. Hamlet Miranda It's like Little Dublin), and live in Westchester county outside NYC, with my husband and two cats, one big and one little. Hamlet and Miranda, respectively (no, sadly, not after Shakespeare. After this book, one of my childhood favorites).

My free time is generally spent with a book, my computer, or the TV, in that order of importance. My specific likes and dislikes in those areas are covered in the interests section to the right. It's pretty tame, but nonetheless makes me pretty happy most of the time.

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read : : My blogroll, the stuff I read every day. News feeds, columnists, book reviews, various types of blogs, a few site update notifications

laugh : : My favorite daily comic strips, conveniently gathered on a single page (well, most of them)

surf : : My exhaustive bookmark collection, categorized and tagged. I've been on the internet and collecting these since 1994, and I bookmark everything (no, really, there are >2500), in case someone at the library asks me for help on a topic

socialize : : most of my friends are on LiveJournal, and the others are either on my Facebook profile, my LinkedIn profile, or just not online. The full list of social sites I'm on is at the top of the page

drool : : Amazon wish list — still mostly books, though I've been acquiring a lot for myself through various online swapping sites

drool more : : Etsy wishlist — The other big wishlist - a site which serves as a marketplace for people to sell their own handmade stuff. Mostly jewelry

smile : : Wedding pictures — screen­shots of the album I put together. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the layout, if I do say so myself

tweak : : page of all my "nomadic computing" info, and links to all the code/markup/tweaks I've made public

hire : : Résumé. Just in case. You never know

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