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Madame X

I've been collecting digital versions of my favorite art pieces for quite a while now. Unfortunately, that means quite a few are kind of low-res, from when hard drives were much smaller and more expensive, and I scaled everything down to save space. I'll get high-res versions of everything eventually, although some of them are completely unavailable now (you can barely get any Ansel Adams online now, for example).

I seem to have fairly eclectic tastes in art, judging by my "collection" - many different time periods and styles. Admittedly, I do seem to be a sucker for a good seascape (anyone who has met my father will understand why this is). There is also an amusing assortment depicting girls with books. I should get prints of all of them and hang them together on a wall.

I favorite movements are Impressionism (not just Monet) and the Pre-Raphaelites. And a whole lot of art photography. However, I am not constantly looking for stuff on Flickr, so you're not going to see any random internet photographers represented here. In general, I prefer representational art, not abstact or freeform. There are a few abstracts I do like, but only those where you can still see a subject — Picasso, not Pollack, in other words.

So, just to expose people to my favorites, I'm going to make some thumbnail galleries with links to larger versions, where possible. I'm not going to bother including anything that everyone knows about — no Waterlilies, no Starry Night, no Relativity, even though I love all of them. Enjoy.

Madame X is here at the top because she is the only fine art piece I ever use as an avatar/usericon. There is a slight resemblance, mostly regarding the complexion and the nose.

Impressionists / / / / /

Yes, there is some Monet. Not Waterlilies. And some Van Gogh, too, including a Starry Night (though not the Starry Night), but also a few others that I like as much if not better. Really, who doesn't love Starry Night?

I actually like the American Impressionists best, especially Winslow Homer - I have a bunch of his. The fact that he does a lot of sailing/seascape stuff certainly helps. Although the best one is the girl reading in the hammock - I like the subject, of course, but the treatment of the sunlight filtering through the leaves is really amazing. Another favorite is John Singer Sargent, especially Madame X there at the top of the page.

Pre-Raphaelites / / / /

I just love the style - the richness, symbolism, the mythological and literary subjects, the romanticism ... they're all gorgeous, if over-exposed at this point.

I particularly love the atypical Belle Dame Sans Merci, pictured after the poor knight is dead, preening amongst the poppies. She looks quite satisfied with life.

I know everyone has seen Flaming June. I have to leave her in anyway.

Modern / / / / /

Escher, Vettriano, and a few cheesy fantasy art pieces. But I still love them. And I like Magritte's sense of whimsy - I should find a few more of his.

Other Paintings / / / /

Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic - all the paintings that don't fit in the other categories above. I love Fragonard's sense of scale, with itty-bitty people cavorting beneath humongous trees and an immense sky. I'd love to have a full-sized version in my house - if I had cathedral ceilings (they're 6 feet tall).

De La Tour's sense of humor appeals to me - the card cheaters and pickpockets taking advantage of the gullible rich.

And the illuminations from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry - I just love the elaborate castles in the background. So fairy-tale

O'Keeffe / / / / /

Another artist who was overexposed, and now no one will admit to liking her. But her flowers are so sensual and gorgeous.

Her stuff is so stylized that is verges on abstract, but in the way that I like. The colors and shapes mean that you can still see the subject if you look.

Adams / / / / /

I guess everyone loves Ansel Adams, but I still had to include him if I'm showing off my favorite art. These are my favorites of his works, at least those that were available online, which a lot of them are not. Even fewer are available now - they've been taken down for one reason or another.

Photography / / / / /

Other photographers I enjoy, most of whom are well-known in photography circles, yet unknown to the majority of the public — Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau (but not the kiss one, Le Baiser de l'Hôtel de Ville), Erwitt, Man Ray.

Even with photography, I like a sense of whimsy. And, yes, I do seem do gravitate to black and white, rather than color.

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