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This page was created mostly for my own convenience. So that the next time I forget to bring my usual flash drive to work, I can use the old one and still have all my tweaks intact. A few I wrote (or adapted) myself, which I've indicated. They're also available elsewhere on the internet (list in right sidebar). But, I hope that some of the stuff here is of use to someone besides myself. You can tell I really like to tweak my software and my internet experience.

My newest discovery is Yahoo Pipes, which let you do all kinds of things with RSS feeds. I've made quite a few which replace the short little summary in the regular feed with the full articles, so I don't have to click on the link to read the full story. Much better. Plus a few comic feeds that now include the actual comic, rather than just a link, and few pipes that just filter some really overwhelming feeds to take out the stuff I never want to see. I included a link in the sidebar to all my published Yahoo Pipes.

In addition to the links below, there is somewhat easier access to the other userscripts I use regularly via my favorites at userscripts.org. Unfortunately, Userstyles.org does not have a similar favorites function, especially since I rely a lot more on styles than scripts nowadays. I'm down to less than a dozen scripts, and half are for specific sites/pages, not general use.

I used to edit the user style sheet for the browser itself (userchrome.css), but now I keep everything that used to be in that in Stylish styles so I can easily disable them temporarily - the old way I had to restart the browser each time I made a change. For the various sites I visit I some have styles for "all pages" and some for specific domains/URLs (in the styles section below). These let me choose how I want everything to look, regardless of what the author of the page(s) prefers; for instance, I have links to Youtube show up differently than other links (I have a video icon appear after the link), because I usually don't like watching videos on the internet, and no one bothers to warn you anymore. I also have new window links marked differently (green outline). There are extensions that do these things, of course, but I prefer to keep my extensions to a minimum (list below notwithstanding). Styles make fewer demands on the browser and fewer problem interactions with extensions. There are more of the common style sheet tweaks here.

If you got to this page via some weird Google quirk, (searching on what string, out of curiosity? I'd love to know) my main page is timepiece :: deb morrissey. I have several other pages, for pictures and my blogroll and a few other things, but they're all linked from the main page.

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